• Ike B


    Ok, so its official........Agnes All Natural Grill is now my new spot. I sat down at one of the lil tables outside the spot and enjoyed myself a veggie dish, no meat, an ear of corn and green magic drink. It was VERY good, I highly recommend it. Good healthy food cooked well and the prices for EVERYTHING are VERY reasonable. No Pork products (I personally liked that), NO processed foods, NO high fructose, NO MSG, NO Trans fat, LOW SALT you have got to try this place out. 1438 N. Keowee St. Dayton, OH.

  • Garietta Falls


    Just finished the curried chicken with veggies and i got say; I wish my mama was here so I could slap her it was so damn good!!!! (I love you Mama! But that was a great dinner!)

  • Garietta F.


    The food at this joint is so good, I went back the next day to try something different! One reason I dreaded moving to Dayton was the potential lack of interesting restaurants to eat at. I was pleased to find Agnes Natural Grill online.

  • Liz Aukerman Botha


    Best. Lunch. Ever. Go treat yourself at "Agnes All Natural Grill." 1438 Keowee, Dayton. Amazing food, great people and great service. I felt like a princess at the drive thru window!

  • Cybil Randall-Poole


    First time having your food was at the Day Party last night and I must say, EVERYTHING was DELISH!! You've gained a new customer and some word of mouth advertising 🙂

  • Chepkemboi Nelson


    S/O to Agnes All Natural Grill for the ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, MOUTH WATERING FOOD that I have had in a Looooooong time. FB if you haven't been there, I suggest you make your way there and try anything on the menu because you will not be disappointed!

  • Eric Adducchio


    Tried you guys for first time day today, kind of unsure about it, but the food blew my mind. Definitely going to be back and tell others.

  • Shaun Musick


    Ive worked close to these guys and have always been finicky to try them.... Now i wish i hadn't been!! Food was amazing ( BEST grilled BBQ and jerk wings i have ever had) definitely will be eating here a lot and the staff are friendly and professional

  • Jim Gauge


    I am ready to try a second meal from this HOT SPOT. I know the veggie burger w/a double side of sweet potato fries was better than expected.

  • Nancy Ishmael kelly


    Agnes All Natural Grill Rocks!!!! Call ahead for a pick up - they make everything fresh just for you. No dine in; so plan to take it with you and be ready to enjoy!

  • Lisa Wright Mallory


    I wanted to post this right after I experienced Agnes menu. Tasty, and remind me of Chicagos international cuisine. Jerked Turkey wing, curry chicken and the coco bread was the best! I was looking for a healthy fast food choice and I found it at Agnes, you have my patronage for sure!

  • Mindy Wallace


    I had dinner there a couple days ago-The fish and the veggie skewer, and the amazing....Peanut Punch!!!!(My sister will be so jealous!) The food was so fresh and good! Thanks!

  • Yvette-Diva Williams


    This turkey leg and salad are so good, that I will be very upset when I'm finished eating.

  • Charles Williams

    Shout out to big bra and big sis. First time going to Agnes All Natural Grill on N. Keowee St Dayton Ohio and this food is banging!!!!!! And that Damn Brown Sugar Lemonade.... Smh ain't nothin to play with!!!!